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S-INC1: A Fast, Portable, Affordable and Accurate Solution

Introducing S-INC1

Innolyzer Labs is developing the first lab-on-a-chip (LOAC) product for H2S measurement, called S-INC1 —
a novel, patent pending device that addresses a significant need for fast, accurate and cost-effective solutions for a variety of industries worldwide:

Promotes ease and accuracy in measurement of H2S

Provides ease of measurement and accuracy in clinical studies

Provides faster, more accurate, on-site, quantitative H2S measurement

Allows quick and easy measurement of H2S in water-based liquids, preventing corrosion and ensuring better environmental conditions


Innolyzer Lab’s flagship product, the S-INC1, is a small, compact LOAC device. The S-INC1 is a first- of-its-kind, stand-alone LOAC device designed for a single use.

S-INC1 can be customized to meet the needs of any industry for measuring and monitoring H2S.

Top Advantages of S-INC1

    • Quick
    • High Quality
    • Cost-effective
    • Accurate
    • Portable
    • Quantitative

Today, no other device exists in the market to serve such a broad range of industries. Only one device — the S-INC1 — can deliver the enhanced accuracy, increased consistency, and lower cost our clients need.
Our products will be the first LOAC to have such broad applicability across multiple industries.

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